Expedition to the Wadi al-Hitan

Wadi Hetan Travel by jeep to the Wadi al-Hitan (or also Wadi Hetan, arab: واديالحيتان, "Whale Valley").

We drive with the jeep from the oasis of Bahariya to the Wadi al-Hitan in the Gouvernement Fayyum in the west of Egypt, which belongs to the UNESCO world natural heritage since 2005.

Until this very day over 250 Basilosaurus skeletons have been found in an area of approximately 8 square kilometers in a former sea bay.

Wadi Hitan In the "Valley of the whale", where you can only go by foot, we will discover numerous fossil remnants of this early, deserted subordination of the whales as well as shark teeth, shells, corals and further traces of the sea life of long past times.

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