The Alpenblick Hotel in the oasis of Bahariya

Blick auf die HotelbautenTraditional Regional Style Hotel

The Alpenblick Hotel was established in 1984 and was the first hotel in Bawiti and the oasis of Bahariya. In 2007 the hotel was - with German participation - completely reconditioned and brought up to the latest standards. Additionally a further building was built, which too has been furnished with a modern touch. All rooms are of course equipped with air conditioning systems and colour television sets.

InnenhofPeace and relaxation

While rebuilding the Alpenblick we paid special attention to maintain the charm of the old oasis hotel. The dome-like roofs lend a particularly characteristic appearance to the Alpenblick Hotel and the courtyard still offers a cosy place to our guests for resting and sitting together - as it has always been in the oases of Egypt.

"Alpine view" in the middle of the desert

Many guests are surprised, why a hotel in the middle of the Egyptian desert is named "Alpenblick" (english: alpine view). This name is derived from a little story arising from the early days of the hotel:

When the hotel was built, the place Bawiti was much smaller than today and one had a good view up to the horizon. The prospect on the surrounding mountains reminded a visitor from Switzerland, who was one of the first guests, of his homeland in the Alps and he persuaded the owner to call the hotel Alpenblick.

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