Highlights around Baharia

1 week / 6 overnight stays

Tropfsteinhöhle el-Gara We drive by 4x4 jeep to the Wadi al-Hitan (arab واديالحيتان, "Whale Valley"), then on to the Wadi Talh and along the large sand dune of Ghurd Abu Muharrik (also Ghard Abu Muharrik, arab غرد أبو محرّك), which with a length of 500 km is the longest Egyptian wandering dune.

Subsequently we cross the dune, to get to the stalactite cave el-Gāra ("Rohlfs cave", arab كهف الجارة, Kahf al-Ǧāra) and the grave of Ali Baba.

At the Gard du Doktor we turn, to get over Magic Springs into the New White Desert. There we can admire Flowered Stones. We drive on to the
Crystal Rock, then on through the Black Desert and from there we go
back to Baharia.

The sand dune Ghurd Abu MuharrikSafety in the sand

Crossing the wandering dune requires "off road" vehicles, driver competence and experience. Sand sheet metals and other aids are part of our standard equipment, in order to be able to free ourselves out of loose sand.

The Safari includes


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