Jeep routes to Gilf Kebir

A journey to the el-Gilf el-Kebir is always a challenge - at least 14 days desert expedition, which requires a large portion of adventure spirit from all travelers! The expedition is carried out in "off road" 4x4 vehicles. We will make sure that there is always enough water and provisions on board as well as a satellite telephone for emergencies.

Tracing the expeditions of the legendary "English Patient"

This journey takes us from the oasis of Bahariya to the border region of Egypt, Sudan and Libya. This is an expedition, which must be carried out to a large extent without comfort. Principal purposes are the Gilf Kebir, Gabal Uweinat (arab. جبل عوينات, "mountain of sourcelets"), the monument of prince Kemal ad-DIin, the Wadi Sura with its famous rock picture caves ("the cave of the swimmer"), the Foggini cave and Abu Ballas - the "Father of the jugs". Beside varied desert landscapes you will be able to discover numerous rock painting and rock engravings on this journey.

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